David Poston


David Poston is an inter-disciplinary problem-solver and a 3D designer-maker. 

As a jeweller since 1968 David’s consistent departure point has been the tactile relationship between a wearer and their object.  He has never been motivated by the visual and psychological relationship between a jewel and the people watching it being worn.  This unorthodox focus liberated him from the conventional constraints of jewellery and encouraged him to explore materials according to their objective fitness-for-purpose, stimulating his development as a designer excited by the definition and solution of problems in whatever context the opportunity to do so may arise.

David’s work has benefited from his many adventures and the people encountered during a diverse and eclectic career working in design and sustainable development and on an unusual variety of other things. The physicality and directness of much of his jewellery is a consequence of his early childhood in Cyprus which, much later, were reinforced by his extensive working experience in rural Africa.  Following twenty five years of professional preoccupation with Africa his return to making jewellery has generated much more relaxed, flamboyant and playful work that recognises his inner engineer.

The change, experimentation and risk essential to the creative journey continue to stimulate him.

Particular thanks go to the photographers who have permitted their images to be used and to the models for the website images including Fleur Stones, Mercy Yates, Ruth McCabe, Anna Poston, Izzy Poston, Maria, Gunnþóra Guðmundsdóttir, Philippa Drew and Jamie, and to Anna Poston for creating the website.  Unattributed photographs have been taken by David Poston. 

For more information and to contact David, please email: info@davidposton.net